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I have been practising yoga since 1994 and am passionate about the way it simply improves all aspects of one’s life. I began (as most people do) by falling asleep in my first guided relaxation, and then awoke to a dreamlike state. What was that! I have been so honoured to enjoy that bliss again and again through my own yoga practice and with the guidance of my beloved teachers.

I completed my teacher training with Byron Yoga Centre, where a holistic approach of incorporating the 8 limbs of yoga is taught and returned early in 2014 to delve deeper in my training to become a RYT500 teacher. My style of teaching is supportive and motivational, to offer everyone the space to nurture themself on every level.

And what do I love most about yoga? The joy that we feel with our yoga practice, the state of harmony that is often experienced – it is there all the time. It resides in each and every one of us; Yoga just helps us to find it.

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On December 10, 2014

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