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Jody comes to Cairns from Tucson Arizona U.S.A. She is a registered 200hr Hatha yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga for 5 years. Her passion for yoga began many moons ago when she retired from her career as a ballet dancer. She discovered yoga was a way for her to still feel connected to mind, body and spirit through movement and music. After practicing yoga for many years she did her training with Exhale of  New York City, USA and later with The Byron Yoga Center in Byron Bay. Jody brings to every class a nurturing and caring environment so everyone regardless of age and ability feels comfortable and able to try something new. Her goal is for every student to leave class feeling  a deeper mind body connection and to be able to carry that with them into their everyday lives.

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Joy I have been practising yoga since 1994 and am passionate about the way it simply improves all aspects of one’s life. I began (as most people do) by falling asleep in my first guided relaxation, and then awoke to a dreamlike state. What was that! I have been so honoured to enjoy that bliss again and again through my own yoga practice and with the guidance of my beloved teachers.

I completed my teacher training with Byron Yoga Centre, where a holistic approach of incorporating the 8 limbs of yoga is taught and returned early in 2014 to delve deeper in my training to become a RYT500 teacher. My style of teaching is supportive and motivational, to offer everyone the space to nurture themself on every level. And what do I love most about yoga? The joy that we feel with our yoga practice, the state of harmony that is often experienced – it is there all the time. It resides in each and every one of us; Yoga just helps us to find it.

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On December 23, 2014

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